Mission, Vision and Value for Renoveru.

Helping people take a smart approach to creating an enjoyable home life.

3 Promises

  • Promise to CustomersPromise to Customers

    We provide insights and opportunities for customers to live wonderfully by designing their life style and provide the methods to make that a reality.

  • Promise to SocietyPromise to Society

    We believe that intelligence brings richness, and we provide more sustainable options for people and homes to create the standard for the next era.

  • Promise to IndustryPromise to Industry

    We broaden our horizons to cover the people who live in homes and who build and deliver them. We bring a spirit of innovation that does hesitate to call into question the current state of the industry, and bring technology and ideas to solve those issues.

Turning Problems into Value.

Maximizing the experience value in home creation.

No.1 NPS score in the housing industry.

Making renovation a standard choice.

Delivering 10,000 new home life experiences every year.

Making a world where home creators can shine.

Creating 10,000 jobs for artisans every year.

View from their eyes.

What life has this person led?
What do they really want, that they're not putting into words?
What do they feel, what do they need, and what brings them joy?
We consider these questions to get even one millimeter closer to understanding people at their core, and imagine a home life that fits them.

What a person truly wants may be a kitchen near windows, and not a spacious living room.
They may want a house that is at the end of a shady tree-lined path,
rather than one close to the train station.
They may want to be closer to a place like a plaza or town where people gather and there is culture, rather than a single unit home.
We imagine the view from their eyes, and bring that to our dialogue.
Just as it has been, so shall it be in the future.

Creators of homes, look at the view from their eyes.
Are there not issues that continue to exist simply because it is the industry custom?
How can your skills and passion be most brought to life?
We aim to learn from what you can bring, and work together with a warm sense of purpose.

View from their eyes.
This means working to get closer to people, and looking at the view from their eyes.
Getting closer to the unseen truth. Finding happiness.
Breathing a human touch into technology.
Bringing something real to the objective viewpoint.
Believing that the future is inside of people.
Let's make a new view for the world.


  • Anticipate the customer ideal.

    We do not get attached to the surface meaning of words, and instead strive to grasp the true customer needs and provide insight and opportunities.

  • Act as the representative of the company.

    For the customer, we are each representatives of Renoveru.
    We each strive to deliver intelligence and wonder as befits Renoveru.

  • Help each other and collectively get it done.

    Know everyone's roles. At times you may pick up the ball for them,
    and at other times lovingly entrust the ball to them.
    Bring surprise through collective knowledge.

  • Bring ideas, not criticism.

    Alternative ideas, not criticism. Action, not discussion.
    We provide the value needed by our partners without being condescending.

  • Introspection is also part of the job.

    What can you do, and what can you not? What do you really want to do?
    Take time to introspect every day and listen to your internal voice.

  • Stoic pride.

    As leaders in the industry we have a mission,
    and we ask ourselves what form we should take to fulfill our mission.

  • Upbeat in words and actions.

    Be honest with yourself. Do not get overheated or pretend to know what you do not,
    and instead listen to your heart and put your ideas into action.